Overview of Governance Positions and their Relationship to Each Other  


· ratifies appointments of the priest, wardens, deputy warden, parish council members and all participants in the liturgy

· approves annual budget


· appointed by the Bishop, after consultation with the parish, for a continuing contract

· attends to the spiritual needs of the parish

· final authority on most day-to-day decisions

Wardens/Deputy Warden

· two Wardens appointed for a staggered two-year term; one elected by the congregation and one appointed by the rector

· a Deputy Warden will shadow the Wardens for one year to learn the position prior to becoming a warden

· the Deputy Warden has the full authority and duties of the Wardens

· the Deputy Warden apprises the absent Warden on dealt-with issues

· the Wardens assist the Rector in carrying out his/her duties particularly as it relates to facility and financial matters

Parish Council

· a maximum of twelve members including wardens for a staggered three-year term

· the Council generally assists and supports the Rector and Wardens with operation of the church and by approving new church programs and procedures, new contracts or contract changes and new expenditures not included in the budget

· the ministries headed by appointed parish council members, operate within the parish council by studying and reporting monthly on activities within their ministries. Depending on annual needs, the ministries may include:

   o   Christian Education (Thursday morning study group, Sunday school and Monday evening group)

   o   Finance  (monitor income and expenditure, assist in development of the annual budget and oversee the envelope secretary)

   o   Stewardship (land development, facility management and recycling program)

   o   Pastoral Care (prayer ministry, priory ministry, home visitations and messy church)

   o   Buildings and Grounds (a planning committee which deals with larger capital projects and a maintenance committee that monitors day to day issues)

   o   Human Resources (personnel committee that deals with issues related to volunteers, safe church and paid employees as well as developing job descriptions)

   o   Liturgy (a worship committee which deals with liturgical matters including music, alternative worship, liturgical assistants, altar guild, servers, greeters, readers and bread and wine supplies)

   o   Communication (includes the website, facebook page, the bulletin, the newsletter and any other publicity.

   o   Fellowship (reports on operating fellowship groups such as the Ladies’ Guild and Church Camp)