Employee Job Descriptions

  • Parish Administrator
  • Custodian
  • Music Director


Parish Administrator Job Description 

The incumbent in this position is responsible to the Rector and in his/her absence, the wardens.  

1. Maintains a welcoming atmosphere in the office area and attends to the welcoming desk and displays.

2. Answer phones, receives emails, incoming mail and face-to-face queries and acts on them or forwards them to appropriate personnel.

3. Updates monthly office calendar.

4. Orders all office supplies, oversees printing, orders printing supplies and orders and distributes items such as PWRDF cards and calendars.

5. Prepares electronic newsletter and maintains the Parish website.

6. Updates parish member lists, newcomer booklets and prepares mailing labels.

7. Administers music licenses.

8. Prepares and maintains God’s adventure playground in the summers.

9. Prepares church service bulletin in consultation with the Rector and Director of Music.

10. Ensures the preparation of schedules for liturgical assistants, readers, distributors and side persons and distributes accordingly.

11. Ensures readings as well as power point slides for Sunday hymns and liturgy.

12. Ensures that the narthex is tidied.

13. Supports the leadership of all annual fund-raising events.

14. Attends to financial matters; namely petty cash, preparation of invoices and liaises with the church treasurer.

15. Calls for Parish Council agenda items, attends Council meetings, records proceedings and prepares and distributes minutes.

16. Calls for AGM reports, assembles the annual report and prepares and distributes minutes.

17. As Facilities Coordinator the Parish Administrator will:

   · receive all facility use requests.

   · arrange a tour of the facility with potential users to identify the specific facility needs of the group and to inform the users of the conditions of use.

   · provide the potential users with a copy of the Facility Use Fee Schedule and application form/draft agreement.

   · receive the application from the user group with separate cheques for rental fees and deposits.

   · draft a Usage Agreement including rental fees and deposits and provide a copy to the custodian and users.

   · provide the custodian with the description and diagram for completion of the setup.

   · after the setup is completed offer the users and opportunity to confirm the set up.

   · inform the user that no unauthorized movement of furniture is permitted.

   · finalize the Agreement after all documentation including Food Safe Certificate, Liquor Permit/Serving it Right and Proof of Liability  insurance have been received.

   · provide a copy of the Agreement to a Warden for review and finalization.

   · have a signed copy prepared in duplicate, one for the users and one for the church. 

18. Carries out any other duties as identified by the Rector and Wardens. Carries out any other duties as identified by the Rector and Wardens.


Custodian Job Description 

The custodian will receive direction from only the Parish Council appointee and will be responsible for the following duties:  

1. cleans floors, vacuums carpets and dusts regularly and whenever necessary,  

2. cleans washrooms, restocks paper supplies regularly and monitors cleanliness as necessary,  

3. cleans interior and exterior doors as well as interior windows,  

4. cleans tables and chairs weekly in the Sunday school area,  

5. cleans office area as required,  

6. manages garbage and recycling,  

7. makes minor repairs and changes lights  as required,  

8. setup and take down the main hall and other areas for church activities and outside user groups in consultation with the Parish Council appointee,  

9. changes the roadside sign as directed by the church office,  

10. maintains the garage and the equipment within,  

11. oversees the roster of volunteers who mow the lawn,  

12. monitors memorial garden maintenance, including irrigation  

13. monitors the parking lot, removes debris, attends to ice in winter and contacts the snow removal contractor when necessary,  

14. meets the parish council appointee monthly and in consultation with the appointee prepares a monthly report to Parish Council,  

15. ensures that monthly and yearly inspections are completed in consultation with the church office,  

16.  keeps a maintenance and incident log. 


The Director of Music - Duties

The Director of Music(DOM) is the primary leader of music at the 10 am services including but not limited to the following duties:

1. initial selection of scripturally and seasonally relevant piano and organ music, followed by the Rector’s approval and performance of the hymns during the church services,

2. recruitment and training of the church choir, conduct weekly choir rehearsals from September to June and provide choral performances during the church services,

3. oversee the music library and procure materials consistent with the annual budget,

4. oversee the upkeep of the organ and piano,

5. assist with special services throughout the year which may include Christmas and the Christian Tridium,

6. carry out any other related duties identified by the Rector or the Rector’s Warden