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Colleen will be leading discussion and reflection on the book Take This Bread by Sara Miles. This book is an autobiographical account of what the author describes as her radical conversion. It  takes us through the injustices and conflicts of Central America as a left-wing atheistic journalist and writer to that moment when as a lesbian single-mother she walked into a church in San Francisco and encountered God in the act of receiving the bread and wine of the eucharist. 

The story of her life is told through her experience with food:  how she was fed by others, how she learned to cook in hectic kitchens in small restaurants, how she became food for her daughter, how she encountered Jesus at the communion table, and ultimately how she learned to feed others with his bread too. This is a story of a remarkable woman and a remarkable church - both of which are flawed and human, but which have both become channels of grace. The newly converted author opens a food pantry in the church, and the act of giving away food and feeding the poor becomes entwined with the sacraments of the church and the grace of God. 

The six sessions will take place on Zoom on Thursday evenings from 7pm – 8.30pm on September 30, Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28, & Nov. 4. 

To register, email Colleen at You will also need a copy of the book. Second-hand copies are available through and it is also available through amazon on kindle. Local bookstores will order the book but have none in stock currently.