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Although we resume in-house services beginning September 20th, we understand that many will continue to enjoy the virtual services from home.

For those who will not attend in-house services, but wish to continue supporting the life and work of the parish through your ongoing financial contributions, you can continue hand delivering your offerings to the parish office, or mail them to:

Church of the Advent

510 Mount View Ave

Victoria, BC V9B 2B1

Another option is to sign up for monthly automatic deposits. This is the easiest and most practical solution for those who are unable to deliver in person. Please find attached the form to sign up for Pre-Authorized Deposit (PAD). After filling it in, you may mail it to the office, or have it delivered on a Sunday morning between 10 am and noon.

Lastly, you can also donate by clicking on our "Giving" page, which will allow you to contribute through the platform,

Thank you, our faith family, for your consideration and patience as we work together in uplifting and supporting one another.