The Church of the Advent (herein after called “the Church”) will rent church facilities to community groups (hereinafter called the “user”) to meet wider community needs as well as assist the church in accomplishing its vision; ie., “Together in Christ we seek to love God and to love and serve all others”.   

Eligibility for Church Facility Usage

Permitted Use

1. The church facilities can be rented by most community groups.

2. Preference for community use will be approved for groups that provide health-related, social services and childcare needs.

3. Groups of a political nature will be approved for use on the same basis as all other groups.  

Non-permitted Use

1. Games of chance will not be approved for use of the facilities.

2. The church will not rent its facilities for religious rites, rituals and ceremonies to any religious faith other than the Anglican Church of Canada.

3. The Church reserves the right to not rent to any group; without justification.    

Non-applicable Use

1. Rites of passage such as weddings and memorials are not governed by the terms and conditions of this facility use document.  

Receipt, Disposition of Usage Requests and Participants’ Responsibilities

The Parish Administrator, Acting as Facilities Coordinator, will receive all facilities use requests and will arrange a tour of the facility with potential users to identify the specific facility needs of the group and to inform users of the conditions of use.  

User Responsibilities

1. All rooms not included in specific room usage agreement are out of bounds.

2. The user must provide adequate supervision of their participants.

3. The full rental fee plus the setup fee and the setup deposit will be payable at the time of confirming the rental.  The setup deposit will be fully or partially refunded based on the extent of unauthorized movement of furniture.

4. The user will ensure that there is no smoking in the church or on the church property.

5. All Saturday afternoon functions should end by 4 pm. unless agreed upon in the contract.

6. If food is served, the user must provide proof of a valid Food Safe Certificate and the kitchen is to be left clean and tidy.

7. If liquor is to be served, the user must display an approved Liquor Permit and if an organization is using a professional server, a valid Serving It Right Certificate should be displayed.

8. The facility user must provide proof of a minimum of  $2,000,000 liability insurance for the full period of the facility use.     

9. All event preparatory work such as event setup, inservice on the facility and equipment and decorating for the event will form a part of the contract.  

Church Responsibilities

1. A copy of the Fire Safety Procedures will be provided to the users.

2. Church-employed facility hosts will be provided as a part of the user fees for first time users, for safety of hosts, events with high participation and other events at the discretion of the church.

3. The church will insure that the facility hosts have taken the church’s required inservice on the role of facility hosts.  

Joint Responsibilities

When large numbers of chairs, tables and other furniture have to be moved during a setup, special procedures will apply:

1. A draft contract, including rental fees and deposits, will be prepared by the church and a copy given to the user and custodian. 

2. The custodian will complete the setup according to the description and diagram provided in the application.

3. The Facilities Coordinator will offer the user an opportunity to come in to confirm the setup.

4. If the user makes changes to the initial setup plan, costs for this may be levied against the setup deposit.

5. The Parish Administrator will inform the user that no chairs, tables or other furniture may be moved by the user.  Doing so may result in the loss of all or part of the setup deposit.

6. After the event the situation will be assessed and a decision will be made on the disposition of the setup deposit.  

Disposition of the Usage Request

1. The facility user fees will be determined by the Facility User Fee Schedule (attached).  

2. After the potential user has provided the requested documents, ie., Food Safe Certificate, Liquor Permit/Serving It Right, Proof of Liability Insurance, the Parish Administrator will finalize a usage contract, including the total user fees and submit it to a Warden for review and finalization.

3. The Parish Administrator will provide a copy of the contract to the user with a description of the assistance provided by the facility host where applicable.

4. All user agreements will be presented to Parish Council by a warden for approval prior to the event or as information after the event.    

Facility Host Roles and Inservice

The church will provide inservice to Facility Hosts who volunteer to assist facility users and to monitor possible theft and damage to the facility and equipment.  Hosts will be provided to first time users, for events with high participation and at other events at the discretion of the church.  Where safety of the hosts is a concern, two hosts will be assigned.

1. The primary purpose of the Facility Hosts is to be aware of procedures and equipment that others can use to enhance the safety and well-being of the users. They should know:

   a) when it’s appropriate for them to call 911

   b) the location of the following equipment to inform others who may use them:

      i)   Automatic Emergency Defibulator(A.E.D.)

      ii)  the First Aid Kit                       

      iii) the Fire Extinguisher iv) the Fire Control Panel

2. The secondary purpose of the Facility Hosts is to monitor the use of the facility and equipment.  To this end the hosts should:

   a) know the rooms that are rented and those that are out of bounds.

   b) know the correct operation of:

      i) kitchen range

      ii) range hood

      iii) fridge

      iv) dishwasher

      v) phone in kitchen

      vi) portable sound system

      vii) sanctuary sound system

      viii) portable overhead projector and screen

      ix) sanctuary overhead projector and computer

      x) spot lights in the sanctuary

      xi) light switches and dimmers

   c) know the location of:

      i) water shut off valve and its operation

      ii) toilet paper storage and replacement 

      iii) paper towel storage and replacement

3. The third purpose of the Facility Host is to be an ambassador for the church by:

   a) treating the users amicably and with respect

   b) being aware of the conditions in the rental agreement 

   c) greeting the rental supervisor and other users on arrival 

   d) showing the supervisor the rented room and the areas that are out of bounds

4. After the event concludes, the Facility Host should:       

   a) do a quick check for damage to the facility and equipment and inform the users of the results

   b) make sure all lights are off       

   c) ensure all outside doors are closed and secured       

   d) ensure that all internal doors are left closed except the doors to the Chapel from the Narthex

   e) report any damage, loss or irregularities to the office